DSI Sponsorship Program (Pilot)

Even though Dance Saskatchewan has always sponsored events and initiatives, as a pilot program we are making our Sponsorship support official and have put a dedicated amount of money behind this plan. DSI Sponsorships aim to offer extra support to already viable dance initiatives happening around the province. These could be events, workshops, camps, choreographic creations, trainings, certifications, etc. If it fits our Mission, and the funds are available, we would like to see your initiative thrive. 


If you would like to ask for us to sponsor your initiative, email us with your request and a committee on the board with review and accept/decline requests on an ongoing basis. Unlike our DSI Grant Program, requests can be made at any time.


We are able to sponsor in different ways, namely:

  • Cash infusion of up to $500 maximum and/or

  • Marketing support as requested

If you are wanting us to host/sponsor by providing free space, please see our

Space Subsidy Program.


In return, we ask anyone we sponsor to acknowledge Dance Saskatchewan where applicable (posters, social media postings, #dancesask, from the stage/podium/etc) so that our funders can see that this program is needed and being used.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us.