Space Subsidy Program (Pilot)

The Space Subsidy Program is a pilot program that we are introducing to address the concern we hear from our membership that the cost of renting dance studios/spaces can be prohibitive to smaller scale initiatives.

The subsidy is available to any DSI member in good standing (has a current paid up membership) that feels they need help to pay for the rental costs of spaces in which their dance-based initiatives are taking place. This can be any space in the province of Saskatchewan that the dancer/dance group wishes to secure.


If you are a DSI member and would like to access this subsidy, you would simply email your request, briefly outlining who you are, what you need the space for, the space you wish to rent, and the amount requested. If your request fits our mandate and there are still funds available, you will receive a response via email and after signing a simple Space Subsidy Agreement form, the money will be mailed out to you. 

In return, we ask you acknowledge Dance Saskatchewan Inc. where possible so that our funders can see that this subsidy program is needed and being used. All recipients of this subsidy and the amounts received will be published in our Annual Report. 


A DSI member can ask for this subsidy a maximum of twice in our fiscal year (Oct 1 - Sept 30) and up to a maximum of $250 at each ask. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us

Happy Dancing!