DSI Grant Program (Currently on Hold)

Due to the fact that DSI is on Eligibility Review and must meet the requirements set out by the review

committee, we are unable to offer our Grant Program at this time. We are working hard to bring it

back in the future, and will be sure to inform all of our members when we have been able to do so.

Thank you for your patience.




To fund dance initiatives that speak to our current Strategic Plan and will ultimately enhance the

lives of those living in underserved geographical areas of Saskatchewan.


Eligible Participants

DSI members in good standing (must have a current membership).


Maximum Funding



Who Can Apply?

Any DSI member whose proposed initiative meets our requirements. This can include individuals, groups and/or ad-hoc collectives. All DSI members are welcome to apply regardless of varying ability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, or race. 


Who Can Not Apply?

DSI Staff, any DSI member whose membership is not currently paid up, any DSI member who still has an outstanding final report due from a previous DSI grant.


Recipients will be notified within 60 days of the grant deadline. With the notification 75% of the funding is granted. The remaining 25% will be granted after final report is submitted and approved.


All grant recipients and the amount they receive will be listed on the Dance Saskatchewan website and in the Annual General Report.


Ineligible Initiatives 

Retroactive projects, fundraising ventures, social events, business ventures principally intended for the monetary profit of any group, day-to-day operating expenses such as the salaries of regular employees, utilities, etc., and projects with low dance elements.



3 adjudicators will be selected and will include a professional dancer/choreographer, a DSI member who is active in the dance community, and a director from the DSI board. Applications will be adjudicated for their merit and value to the stated purpose/focus of the program. Adjudicators names, grant recipients names and monetary award amounts will be published in our Annual Report.


Completion/Final Reports

DSI now requires all final reports to be submitted by September 15th of the year after the application was made (ex: if you apply in Jan 2020, your final report must be submitted by Sept 15th of 2021). Failure to do so will forfeit your right to collect the final payment.



Although not required, it is recommended that applicants have a phone meeting with the Executive Director to confirm eligibility and fit for the grant program, as well as to answer any questions regarding the application process.



It is vital that, wherever possible, acknowledgement is given of Dance Saskatchewan’s support. This should include posters, brochures, digital posts on social media, #dancesask, website, and from the podium/stage where applicable. 



Other Requirements:

  • If there is a research component to the proposed project, ethical clearance must be obtained.

  • The applicant shall honour the parameters of the original proposal. All fundamental changes in the project are subject to approval by the granting agency.

  • If a Principal of the grant moves out of the Province of Saskatchewan before project completion, discussion with DSI related to completion of the project is required.  DSI reserves the right to require return of funding and to terminate funding if submission requirements are not upheld.

  • If DSI funds are used to create new work, a digital copy must be housed at the DSI resource centre.

  • A detailed timeline must be submitted.

  • Grants may be submitted by an individual or a principal applicant on behalf of a group or organization.

  • Significant changes to the project must be reported in writing to Dance Saskatchewan Inc.

  • Applications must follow the headings as outlined in the grant package.



The Following Forms To Be Completed:


Follow Up

​A final report will be submitted within completion of the project. 


The follow up report should contain a brief description of the project and its impact on the artist(s), organization, and/or audience, as applicable.

              a. Relevant documentation
              b. Newspaper articles, programs, etc.
              c. A budget outlining estimated and actual expenses
              d. Copies of original receipts for all expenses


Any significant departure from the approved budget should be explained in the report.  Grant recipients agree to observe the specific conditions, requirements, and policies as outlined in the grant package.