Dance Flooring For sale!-2.png

The beige is sold out, but there is still just over 3000 sq ft of the black! Create a safe, sprung dance floor for a fraction of the cost!

The dimensions of each interlocking PVC tile are 465mm x 465mm (approx. 2.25 sq ft), Height: 18mm, Weight: 1.91Kg/Each. These floors offer outstanding performance and are suspended  surfaces which means their modular nature allows your floor to be a) customized to the size you need and b) easily uninstalled, transported and reinstalled if/when you decided to move studios.

We are selling the flooring for $2.50/sq ft. + GST/PST

Beveled ramp edges and corners are also available for purchase:
Edge:465mm x 60mm - $1.30/each
Corner - 60mm x 60mm - $0.45/each

Inquire with us today if you are interested. 

Please note: we will still continue to provide rental services of our Rosco dance floors.