Special Meeting Cancelled And DSI Facilities To Close Due To Covid-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the office of DSI will be closed effective 4 pm, Wednesday March 18 for the foreseeable future. We regret having to take this step with the disruption it brings to our members, but like all of you we are fully committed to the guidance we receive from our health services.


As we assess the situation we will provide you with timely updates. Grant programs are now on hold. Staff will be working at home and able to ensure DSI’s administrative services will continue. Unless otherwise notified please mail invoices to the office.  If you do have any questions please address them to the DSI Executive Director’s e-mail address: ed@dancesask.com or to office@dancesask.com.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Special Membership Meeting scheduled for March 22 has been cancelled. We regret having to take this step with the continuing uncertainty it brings to you the members and to the status of DSI, but like all of you we are fully committed to the guidance we receive from our health services. This is our commitment to your health and that of your families, friends, co-workers and communities. The cancellation is also affected by the quorum requirement of the Non-profits Corporations Act – 50% of the voting membership, 74 votes,  with no proxy voting - in the absence of any DSI By law on the matter as well as the requirement that the meeting involve the physical attendance of voting members.


In light of this, SaskCulture is supporting DSI member Ann Kipling Brown with the assistance of its staff and lawyers in a petition to the appropriate court for relief: from a quorum difficult to achieve in normal circumstances; and, from the need to conduct a physical meeting in these times of social distancing. Section 134 of the Non-profit Corporations Act applies; see below. We have no assurance when this petition will be heard but hope it can be done expeditiously and that a board of directors can be established as soon as possible. In the interim, SaskCulture will send out a call for nominations for directors, whose status, in the case of a favourable court ruling, can be voted on electronically.  Once elected a new board will be in place and can plan for and call the AGM. 


Within the next week we will circulate our assessment of the urgent issues facing DSI, which prospective board members should be aware of and which a new board will need to address immediately.


Your cooperation and patience in this complex situation are much appreciated as we work toward a solution in the best interests of dance in Saskatchewan. Thank you.


From the Act

Meeting called by court 134(1) 

If for any reason it is impracticable to call a meeting of members of a corporation in the manner in which meetings of those members may be called, or to conduct the meeting in the manner prescribed by the bylaws and this Act, or if for any other reason the court considers appropriate, the court, on the application of a director, a member entitled to vote at the meeting or the Director, may order a meeting to be called, held and conducted in any manner that the court directs. (2) The court may order that the quorum required by the bylaws or this Act be varied or dispensed with at a meeting called, held and conducted pursuant to this section. (3) A meeting called, held and conducted pursuant to this section is for all purposes a meeting of members of the corporation duly called, held and conducted. 1995, c.N-4.2, s.134.

Temporarily Shutting Our Doors...