Welcome to Continuum- presented by NDH


Regina, SK, New Dance Horizons' studio, 2207 Harvey St.
No previous experience required.
For those new to Continuum or those would like a refresher, Linda is offering an introductory session:
Welcome to Continuum, an introductory evening to discover and experience a profound bodywork practice with guest teacher Linda Rabin.
Register online, by calling New Dance Horizons at 306-525-5393, or emailing info@newdancehorizons.ca
Linda Rabin brings to her teaching 50 years of experience in dance, movement education, coaching and directing. As a Canadian dance pioneer, Linda has contributed to the emergence of several generations of dancers in this country. As a somatic practitioner, she facilitates individuals and professional artists to realize their personal, creative and performance processes.
Twenty-five years ago Linda oriented her focus on Somatic Education. She studied Experiential Anatomy and Infant Developmental Movement Patterns, to become a certified practitioner of Body-Mind Centering®, the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. During that time she discovered Continuum and began intensive studies with the founder, Emilie Conrad, and with Susan Harper, creator of Continuum Montage.
As an international workshop leader, Linda teaches in her native Montréal, in Canada, Europe, Asia and Israel. Her love for travel, languages and meetings with people of different cultures has brought her to countries around the world. She shares her life passion with people from all walks of life: movement both as art and healing, as a way of life knowledge and spiritual practice.