Jannica Hoskins

Jannica is a founder of Fallen Feather Productions, independent filmmaker, and educator. Following lifelong interests in performing arts her journey has taken her to advocate for opportunities as a performer (acting, creative dance, musician, and mentor) and educator (teaching and film making). Children are highly influenced by the educators and people around them. Attending elementary school in Markham, Ontario Jannica was fortunate to audition and be accepted into a challenge choir, which was selected to perform in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was an exceptional opportunity that was short lived due to family relocation but the seed was planted. Throughout her secondary years many hours were spent in drama production and dance programs in Kelowna BC which was influential toward the inception of her career in film production and repatriating with her Aboriginal heritage, which was a ten year process to discover due to availability of records and documentation.

Jannica enabled her skills as a photographer and restoration technician for the Kelowna Museum into entrepreneurship in 2001 while working toward her hours within the IATSI union for the film industry in Vancouver, BC. She opened Natural Light Studies, which housed many opportunities to work and collaborate with many performers and dance groups known internationally. In 2006 she began teaching Aboriginal Education in Revelstoke, BC and created an extra-curricular performance arts program for students in the district who wanted mentorship in the arts (dance, song, acting, addressing the public and media). This involved partnerships with Parks Canada, localized museums, heritage associations and community. The engagement led to opportunities for some students to perform at events outside of school within the community, neighboring communities, First Nations events and Pow wows. Although she was adopted within the Secwepemc Nation and had her first coming out as a Fancy Dancer in Squilax she discovered her roots are ancestrally native to the prairies and has been residing in Saskatchewan since the end of 2011. Since having her first biological child in 2012 she has maintained involvement in developing initiatives as time allows and hopes to contribute to Dance Saskatchewan in a way that can build on opportunities while modeling a passion for dance culture.