Applications are invited from the Dance Saskatchewan Inc. Membership for Grant Funding for the upcoming year.
The primary purpose of DSI grants is to support the advancement of dance in Saskatchewan.  Submissions should have coherent, clearly stated objectives and a well-defined plan for reaching the objectives of Dance Saskatchewan Inc.
Applicants should also consider DSI’s Mission and Purpose and describe how their project augments or compliments dance in these areas. 
Application Criteria
Applicants must hold valid DSI memberships for at least one year in one of the following categories:
-       Dance Professional - Individual
-       Dance Professional - Company
-       Group Membership
-       Adult Membership
Applications may focus on one of the following:
-       professional development (workshops, training, mentorship)
-       creation (new, remounting, process, collaboration)
-       production (new or reconstructed works)
Applications should focus on:
-       the vision and mission of DSI
-       the current DSI strategic plan
-       benefits to dance in Saskatchewan
-       benefits to the DSI membership
Ineligible expenditures:
-       funding is not available for dance recitals, dance competitions, fundraising ventures, social events, business ventures principally intended for the monetary profit of any group, day-to-day operating expenses such as the salaries of regular employees, utilities, etc., and applications with low dance elements.
Submission will include completion of the following forms.

  1. Contact information
  2. Applicant Profile
  3. Project Description
  4. Budget Form
  5. Declaration Form
  6. Follow up form (to be completed following completion of project)


Submission Requirements

  1. In the case of grant submission for professional training, DSI requires documentary proof of an applicant’s acceptance into an educational program prior to release of funding.
  2. If there is a research component to the proposed project, ethical clearance must be obtained.
  3. The applicant shall honour the parameters of the original proposal. All fundamental changes in the project are subject to approval by the granting agency.
  4. If a Principal of the grant moves out of the Province of Saskatchewan before project completion, discussion with DSI related to completion of the project is required.  DSI reserves the right to require return of funding and to terminate funding if submission requirements are not upheld.
  5. If DSI funds are used to create new work, a digital copy must be housed at the DSI resource centre.
  6. A detailed timeline must be submitted.
  7. Grants may be submitted by an individual or a principal applicant on behalf of a group or organization.
  8. Significant changes to the project must be reported in writing to Dance Saskatchewan Inc.
  9. Applications must follow the headings as outlined in the grant package.

Upon receipt of DSI grant funding, I agree to abide by the following requirements:
The DSI, Saskatchewan Arts Board, Sask Culture, and Saskatchewan Lotteries logos must be visible on all communication and promotional materials.

Follow up

  1. A final report will be submitted within completion of the project. [budget follow up form]
  2. The follow up report should contain a brief description of the project and its impact on the artist(s), organization, and/or audience, as applicable.

              a. Relevant documentation
              b. Newspaper articles, programs, etc.
              c. A budget outlining estimated and actual expenses
              d. Original receipts for all expenses

  1. Any significant departure from the approved budget should be explained in the report.  Grant recipients agree to observe the specific conditions, requirements, and policies as outlined in the grant package.

An application will be adjudicated for its merit and its value to dance in Saskatchewan.
Retroactive projects will not be considered for funding.
Projects may be funded in part or in full.
Submission Deadline:            Friday, January 15, 2017
If you are interested in applying, please click here to download the application forms, or contact the office and we will send you the necessary applications forms.