Dance on the Move

 Dance on the Move: An Active Living Alphabet
Author: Ann Kipling Brown
Illustrator: Meredith LaRocque

Dance on the Move: an Active Living Alphabet, is a resource for teachers and students to explore and extend dance vocabulary and examine ways to create and perform dance.

The dance book is the third in a series of texts (the first two authored by June LeDrew) that encourage students to foster healthy life styles where movement becomes an integral and positive aspect of the student's life.

The dance book is designed to extend movement potential, to create dances and to think and talk about dance as well as offering opportunities to examine dance and its many cultural manifestations.

Following the alphabet the book contains definitions of movement concepts and suggests movement explorations and dance-making activities for each letter.

In the final section of the book, ABCs of Dance as Active Living, there are further movement concepts, dance forms and careers in dance that can be researched.


The accompanying DVD contains a dance that uses as the stimulus the following letters from Dance on the Move
V = Vibratory
O = Opposite
I = Impetus

Choreographed by Connie Moker Wernikowski, Artistic Director of the Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan
Dancers from the Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan
Music by Garry Wasyliw

The book and DVD reflect the Saskatchewan Dance Curriculum that prescribes a comprehensive dance experience for all students and focuses on the personal expression of the individual.